Spokesly Knows

Your Next Opportunity

Our AI-powered platform understands what’s best for your business
and delivers the roadmap to achieve that!


Our platform is aimed at complimenting your business strategies with the most accurate Business Intelligence.



Get acquainted with your target audience, learn more about their expectations from your products or services and keep track of your customer’s preferences with our intelligent Machine learning powered platform.


Marketing Solution

Marketing is a critical part of any business. Spokesly helps you power-up your data analytics, aids in optimizing campaigns and helps trigger meaningful conversations with the connections that matter.

The Sales


Armed with actionable insights, your sales are sure to show better returns and what’s more our AI- driven platform helps you build and retain long term business relationships.


Powered by Deep Data

Spokesly provides a 360-degree view of your customer to facilitate informed business decisions and deliver the best customer experiences.

Target Specific Audiences

Break the monotony set by inefficient targeting techniques
as Spokesly defines the ideal buyer persona for you

Pick The Right Channel

Our platform features such as predictive analytics
help you identify the right channels for marketing

Time The Discussions Aptly

Maximize conversions with the data-driven metrics
we offer for well-timed conversations



Who Can Benefit

Unlock Smart BI

Understand how AI-driven decision making metrics matter

Everything You Need To Reach Success Faster

Spokesly delivers the perfect combination of solutions powered by machine-learning and AI such as predictive analytics, data-driven decision making, process optimization etc.


2021 has been an excellent start for us as we acquired some of the best brands in the database industry.

Get the best data-driven marketing services with segmented and customizable contact information and company insights to stimulate conversions through multichannel marketing. With best-in-class features, you are much closer to reaching your business goals with us.


There is generations of research & technology advancement that powers the current innovations in marketing & sales techniques. Spokesly provides a platform for Businesses to engage in meaningful and productive conversations. We build effectual & long-lasting connections to the core of every business to support and empower business decision makers.


Speak Easy with Spokesly

We are Scientists, Engineers, Marketers and Sales Professionals

We are a diverse team with complementing skill sets and a clear goal. We aspire to connect the world of business at a basic human level.


We aim to aid business & marketing heads to structure their business data on predictive analytics & data insights.


We work to build advanced AI & Machine Learning tools to power data integration, predictive analytics & smarter decision making.


We help clients formulate targeted marketing strategies & aid in the choice of platforms for campaign deployment.

Sales Professionals

Your profits is our target center! We help businesses unlock the secrets of profit-making with ML-powered intelligence.